Capital City Dog Walkers, LLC

Established in 2012



about us


Capital City Dog Walkers have been servicing NW DC since 2012. We decided to turn our passion into our work, and having been loving it everyday since. We strive to build trust and companionship with your pets. We treat them as if they were our own. We also work to build confident packs that feel comfortable and happy while out getting exercise together. Dogs are social animals, and going on walks with their pack is vitally important for maintaining both good physical and mental health. Dogs expect the alpha of their pack to keep order and make the pack feel safe. After nearly a decade in the field, we have collected an immense amount of knowledge regarding dog behavior. We use this knowledge to be some of the best alphas for our packs. We will soon be offering dog behavior/training sessions.



Services & PRICES


House Sitting

We can stay at your place so your dog doesn't have to leave their comfort zone. We only require a clean bed to sleep in and instructions. 

$70 per night / additional dog is $10 extra

after hours Daycare

Sometimes you have plans that take up a good part of your day. If your dog needs a little extra care, we can come over and stay with them for a few hours. This option is only available to after normal working hours and the weekends, and is dependant on availability.

Boarding daycare - $30

In your home daycare - $40

(Boarding daycare is only for existing clients at the moment.)

Kitty Visits

$20 per visit

Midday Walk

Our midday walks run between 10:30am and 4:30pm. When we are able, we do group walks. Socialization is very important for dogs, and we just love seeing our pups get excited to see their friends.

$20 for regular scheduled weekly walks (4-5 walks per week)

$25 for 3 days or fewer scheduled weekly walks

$30 for 2 dog households

$30 for an hour walk (if space is available)


Private Walk

We like for our dogs to get social time and to join packs, but we also understand that some dogs don't play well with others. They still need love and exercise though! If our schedules allow for it, we are able to provide private walks for a slightly elevated price for consistent weekly walks.

$25 for midday


We treat most holidays like any other day. However, there are a few holidays that we charge a fee for working. 

Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Christmas eve & day

New Year’s Day



Some of our pups




We are currently not able to add anymore dogs to our roster.

HoweveR, if you would like to be put oN our waiting list, please feel Free to reach out to us.

Please enter your name, the best way to reach you, and a little info about your pet.